This page hosts the science products for our imaging study of local starburst galaxies in the Lyman-alpha (Lyα) line, using the Advanced Camera for Surveys onboard the Hubble Space Telescope. The following six well-known galaxies are included in the sample:

Haro 11 three colour SBS 0335 three colour IRAS 08+65 three colour Tololo 65 three colour NGC 6090 three colour ESO 338 three colour
Haro 11 SBS 0335-052 IRAS 08339+65 Tololo 65 NGC 6090 ESO 338-IG04

You can read a little about the history of the project here.

The science products include continuum subtracted Lyα and Hα images. Further data products may be available on request.


Team members


Based on ACS imaging data:

Information pertaining to our other nearby publications, based upon spectroscopy, can be found on the history page.